How much and how often should my dog feed?

      How much and how often should my dog feed?

      How much and how often should my dog feed?

                  When feeding your dog, the two major questions that comes to mind is how much should if feed my dog and how often it requires eating. The best method for deciding how many calories your dog needs is to determine what your dog’s lean weight should be and feed the dog according to it. The disadvantage of this method is it requires constant monitoring and it is not realistic or practical.

                  The energy requirements of an average adult dog that lives in the house is calculated using the standard formula:  

      30 X Weight in kg + 70 = Daily Calorie Needs 

                  Dogs have a specialized digestive system as well as gastrointestinal adaptations due to their biological evolution. This allows them to consume a large meal and then go for days without eating. It is however, advisable to feed you dog once or twice daily.           

      Tip: don’t allow your dog to exercise vigorously after consuming a large amount of food. This would save you problems relating to intestinal obstruction bloating or other digestive issues.

                  It is also worthy to note that there are variations in nutrients requirement and metabolism depending on the dog’s breed.  When considering your dog’s breed, you should also consider the dog’s lifestyle. Working pets (field dogs, hunting dogs, etc.) require more proteins in their diets compared to the sedentary house pets.

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