Upscale grooming at affordable rates by most trusted & experienced local groomer.

      Why Dogs need grooming?


      Face the truth. Dogs cannot ask you to bath or bring them to a grooming salon. So you need a scientific understanding of grooming benefits. At Dekalb Dog Spa every day we see positive effects of grooming for pets. We believe you can make the life of your pet happier and enjoyable by pampering at our Spa. Discover Dog Grooming and Boarding in Stone Mountain

      • Groomed dogs live a longer and healthier life.

      • Groomed dogs make a household cleaner.

      • Groomed dogs make an impression.

      About Us

      DeKalb Dog Spa is a local, family owned business focused on promoting the health and well-being of pets. We provide dog owners, dog lovers with grooming, boarding services and tips on pets healthy living.

      Our Philosophy

      Fair Prices

      We charge fairly for excellent services.

      Friendly Atmosphere

      Our shop has fun and cozy environment.

      Fast Turn Around

      We provide our service on time.

      Why Choose Us

      5 Stars Rated Salon

      We have over 50 Five Stars reviews over an internet.

      Personal Touch

      We treat you and your pet as a valuable family member.

      First-class equipment

      We use modern grooming tools and techniques.

      Quality Care Products

      We carry high quality shampoo, hair and skin care products.

      Fast Service

      We save your time by doing our job on time.

      Convenient Location

      We are located 10 minutes from I-285, I-20, HWY 78

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      Trained Personnel

      We retain trained & experienced staff.

      Indoor-Outdoor Kennel

      Pets can stay inside and outside.

      Climate Controlled Shelter

      Climate controlled facility with air purification.

      Large Play Area

      Pets can run and play all day.

      Securely Fenced

      Safe and protected playground area.

      Satisfaction Guaranteed

      We guarantee 100% satisfaction in our services

      Our Services



      We provide puppy shots of health important vaccines .


      Dog Grooming & Spa

      We provide full service grooming & bathing services.


      Dog Boarding & Care

      We provide boarding in our warm, clean shelter.

      Grooming Services Cost

      Spa Package

      flower-flowers-hair-hairstyle-beauty-spa-hair style-spa



      Bath, Nail Trim, Anal Glands, Ears Cleaning, Teeth Brushing, Cut/Trim

      Bath Package



      Bath, Nail Trim, Anal Glands, Ears Cleaning

      Awesome Value

      Boarding & Spa



      1 Day Care plus Spa Treatment

      Best Value

      Additional Services & Charges

      • Flea Treatment

        Flea dip, Flea Drop
      • Organic Premium Shampoo


      • Nail Polish


      • Color Dye

        $10 & Up

      • Vaccines

        Puppy shots: DHPP (5 in 1) -ParvovirusBordetella - Kennel CoughPyrantel -Dewormer (hook worms, round worms)
      • Pick Up/Drop Off

        10 miles radius 
      • Matted Dogs


      • Dogs over 35 LB

        Applicable to Spa Package
      • Dogs over 65 LB

        Applicable to Spa Package
      • Dogs over 70 LB

        Applicable to Spa Package
      • Dogs over 35 LB

        Applicable to Bath Package 
      • Dogs over 70 LB

        Applicable to Bath Package

      Available Haircuts

      • Rocket Fit photo


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      We will send you a valuable information on dog health, food and care.Discover Dog Grooming and Boarding in Stone Mountain

      Our Team

      Danette Herron

      Owner - Master Groomer

      Danette has more than 15 years of experience of working with animals. She is a Navy veteran and former animal control officer. Her love for animals made her to open her own pet grooming spa.


      Yolanda Buford

      Lead Groomer

      Yolanda is a highly skilled professional with over 5 years of experience in grooming. She is capable to complete turn key grooming services.


      Amanda Peterson

      Dog: Body

      “I have been using Dekalb Dog Spa for dog daycare and grooming services for more than two years. The body loves to spend time with his friends here and is always so happy to go here. All the staff members are very friendly and treat my dog as he deserves. If you love your dog, go nowhere else! Best Place for Dog Grooming and Boarding in Stone Mountain”

      Ready to pamper your little friend?

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      • How often should I take my dog to the groomer?

        It depends on the dog breed. Some breeds of dogs need to be groomed more often than others. Longer and/or thicker coated breeds like Poodles require more upkeep. These breeds should be groomed every 4-6 weeks, otherwise these coats can get out of control.
        Breeds like Huskies with thick undercoats should get groomed every 8 weeks.

      • Do you accept Walk Ins clients?

        Yes. Walk In clients are welcome during the week. For a weekend we recommend to book an appointment in advance

      • What payments type do you accept?

        We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

      • Can you pick up and drop off my dog?

        For a small fee we can pick up and drop your dog.

      • Can I bring my dog for boarding after regular hours?

        Yes. You can bring your dog after hours. Please call to discuss details.

      • Can I get a phone consultation with your specialist?

        You can call directly to Spa Manager Danette Herron for any additional information on services and cost.

      Products on Sale


      Dog Clothing


      Dog Food


      Please call us or fill out a form to book service.


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